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Sex Quiz

What's your name: J

Are you...
Gay, Bisexual, Straight, Confused, "Open-minded", "Liberated", or Asexual? Bi-curious, only been with girls

Dominant (kneel to the master) or submissive (spank me daddy)? I switch, but I am usually a sub
Sadistic (do you like to cause other people pain)? Yes.

Masochistic (do you like to receive pain)? YES! usually.

Sadomasochistic (do you like to cause yourself pain)? not often

Do you like fetishes and all sorts of naughty stuff? sure!

Bondage (being tied, tying up people)? sometimes

Biting? was my first fetish, it's great

Massages? those are great

Scratching?its alright

Whips? are great, mmmm riding crops...

Role-play? sure, if my partner is in to it

Chocolate syrup? meh...

Handcuffs? I prefer leather restraints

Hot wax? no

Latex? meh

Rubber? not really, does pvc count? :)

Vinyl? see above

Leather? yeah

Whipped Cream? not much
Honey? Ditto the whipped cream Q.
Candles? A must

Pornography? sometimes

Ice Cubes? thats good sometimes

Boot worship? OH YEAH!

Gags? I like gagging, never had a gag in though

Choking? not really

Piercing? on others

Cutting? no..

Corsets? on my partner

Do you have any other fetishes you would like to add? femdom heehee

Have a favorite obsession (would you go nuts if someone scratched your back, gave you roses, cooked dinner, let you dress them like a pirate, watched porn with you)? being dominated and anally owned by a woman, mmmmm

What kind of build do you like (scrawny, cut, round)? just not too large

Chest size? lol, I'm a guy...

Favorite body parts? no preference

Younger or older? either as long as my partner isn't too young (illegal, that is, I'm not into that)

Shorter or taller? either

Long or short hair? I like it all

Any specific hair and eye colors you like? no...

Do you like them to make the first move or you? depends on my mood

Do you like them in makeup? usually

Anything you like to see them wear (corsets, leather pants, skirts, dog collars, birthday suits)? knee high leather boots

Anything that really turns you off (clothing, yogurt, potatoes)? feet....

Any other comments? this is fun

Had sex? yeah

Had oral sex? oh yeah!

Had anal sex? yes

Used more than 3 positions in one session? sure do

Devoted a whole day to sex? no...

Had noise complaints from neighbors during a sex session? lol, no

Received open praise for sexual technique? a few times

Written an erotic story? not really

Fallen or lost balance during sex? lol, yeah

Brought partner to climax using only hands? all the time

Brought partner to climax using only mouth? yeah

Had sex while totally dressed? I think so...

Had sex while standing up? yeah

Erotically licked feet or sucked toes? no! not my deal...

Had sex during a "monthly visit"? yep

Used whipped cream/soft chocolate erotically? maybe

Used ice erotically? yeah

Used hot melted wax erotically? once

Shaved your pubic hair? all the time

Used a sex toy? sure have, I dig it so much

Used a vibrator? someday...

Used an inanimate object (bottle, candle, hairbrush, etc.)? lol, yeah...bananas, bottle, brush...

Used an inanimate object while having sex with a partner? yep, see above

Obtained money or a favor for sex? never

Paid or granted a favor for sex? no

Given sex in sympathy? haha no

Had sex with a virgin? nope

Ever cheated on someone? yeah...not proud of that

Had sex with someone 10 years older/younger than you? no...

Had sex with your landlord? no way

Had sex with a teacher? never

Had sex with a boss? wanted to

Had sex with a relative? no way!

Had sex with two members of the same family? no

Had sex with a pet? not my thing

Had sex with a farm animal? still no

Had sex with someone the same day that you met them? no...

Had sex with someone whose name you didn't know? once...

Sex with someone you never spoke to/spoke different languages? no...

Had more than 10 sexual partners? yeah

Had more than 100 sexual partners? no lol

Had two separate sexual partners within 24 hours? never

Had a menage-a-trois? wanted to

Had group sex (more than 3)? I want to so bad....

Participated in a swap/swinging club? no

Had two regular partners at the same time? never

Had sex in a public place? no...

If so where? nowhere...

Had sex outdoors in broad daylight? no, but did get frisky before

Had sex on the roof of a building? sounds cool

Had sex in a stationary car? not sex exactly...

Had sex in a moving car? not exactly

Are you a member of the mile high club? the what?

Had sex outdoors at night? no...

Had two sexual partners at the same time unaware of each other? nope

Had sex in the host's bedroom while a day guest (party/social visit)? yeah

Had sex in the host's bedroom while an overnight guest? sure

Had sex in a public room while an overnight guest (kitchen etc.)? once, living room

Had sex at your office or other work area? no chance

Met partner during work hours to have sex? no...

Had sex in a public restroom? no way

Had sex on public transportation? never

Had sex in a dark theatre? sounds cool, too

Had sex in the water? I've done it in the shower

Had sex in an elevator? no...

Had sex in a cemetery? never

Had sex in a store dressing room? no, anyone want to try that?

Used alcohol to lower resistance to sexual advances? yep, both of us

Allowed yourself to be felt up by a tranger? technically

Looked at a nude magazine? a few times

Looked at an explicit magazine (actual sex acts)? no...

Seen a live stripper? no

Seen a live sex show? never

Watched someone having sex without their knowledge? sort of...

Showered with a partner? sure!

Flashed someone (breasts, genital, mooned)? a lot

Streaked with a group of six or more? never streaked

Stripped for someone? yes, a few times

Stripped for a group of 3 or more? no...yet

Participated at a nude beach or nudist camp? never

Been the only nude person in a group of 3 or more? no haha

Played strip poker (or a similar game involving nudity)? sure!

Showered while someone watched? yeah

Masturbated? lots

Masturbated while someone watched? yep

Masturbated for a group of three or more people? no, no one has asked

Masturbated covertly in public? not exactly

Had sex while you knew someone was watching? no...

Been walked in on while having sex? sort of lol

Walked in on someone having sex? no....

Had phone sex? a few times

Watched a porno film with a sexual partner? no

Been the photographer for a nude photo? no...

Been photographed nude? yeah it was kinda fun lol

Been photographed having sex? not so far

Been videotaped having sex? I want to

Watched a regular sexual partner having sex with someone else? no....

Role-played a sexual situation? oh yeah! such a cool night!

Taken part in transvestism? no...

Used a blindfold during sex? no...

Used handcuffs during sex? I prefer leather

Inflicted pain during sex? a few times

Received pain during sex? lots!

Used nipple clips? no...?

Used sex dice?  I want to try it

Used whip, chains, cat-o-nine tails, etc. during sex? riding crop mmmmm

Received an electric shock during sex? no way

Drawn blood (scratched, bit)? not yet

Used auto-erotic strangulations? never

Pierced your genitals or nipples? no...

Continued sex until raw or bleeding? a few times ha

Do you do dead people? never
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