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No more strap-on?

The tool...
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It doesnt look bad, right? :}
This is about hazardous dildos, the human anatomy, and prolly smth more...
I was thinking... Following the previous weekend, i'm starting to wonder things. Am i getting old? Or just some things dont look so fun to me anymore? Or its just because i have an explainable reason as things are following their natural course?

I mean, pegging is fun. Not that it aint. My wife and i are quite open minded regarding the ways one can have fun and satisfaction. Prostate stimulation is no exception. Its fun. The point is, i appeared to have a problem after being treated with a strap-on two weekends ago. An anatomic problem hahah :}  That is, my artery was swollen for several days, and my... entrance, is still painted blueish/pinkish. I havent noticed any blood-circulation-related malfunctions, though. Fortunately ;}

I decided i better not risk with this "treatment" too often from now, though t'is fun for both sides (more, its the fair way LOL). I just wonder how do the gals manage in the conditions of regular P in the B. Prolly there's an anatomic difference and they just aint so tight back there after all...


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