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I had to make a survey for my sociology class, get data, and interpret it. So, if you have nothing better to do and would like to help me, please answer my 18 simple questions.

Research Question: Are males or females more liberal when it comes to attitudes toward sexual behavior?

The questions are all opinion questions as opposed to actual behavior questions, but answer them as if you were in the situation.

Feel free to make any comments you have on the questions besides just answering agree/disagree.

1. Age?
2. Gender?
3. Location?
Answer all the following questions with strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree, and any comments you may have on the topic.

4. Premarital sex, of any form, in any context, is acceptable. Ie: casual sex, oral sex, extreme age differences

5. Oral sex is actual sex. Ie: if a person has oral sex, they are no longer a virgin.

6. It is more acceptable for people in college to have casual sex than people who are not.

7. A couple who has been dating a substantial amount of time should have sex even if they are not yet in love.

8. A couple who feels they are truely in love should have sex, regardless of the amount of time they have been together.

9. It is more acceptable for males to have casual sex than females.

10. People with homosexual feelings should act on them and carry out a homosexual lifestyle.

11. It is acceptable for two people to meet online, chat for a few weeks, meet in person, and have sex.

12. Sex is more prevalent in today's youth than in their parents' generation.

13. It is acceptable for two people with a wide age difference, such as 15 and 21 (disregarding the legality), to have sex if they truely care about each other.

14. Two people who have been together for years and deeply love each other should be free to engage in whatever sexual acitivity they please.

15. There should be limits on what a couple can do sexual. Ie: bondage, torture, humilitation, etc

16. All the risks and consequences associated with sex (STDs, pregnancy) are worth it.

17. 14 year olds are not emotionally mature enough to truly understand love and therefore should not partake in any sexual activity.

18. It is acceptable for a forty year old person who has never found love to still be a virgin.

Thank you :)
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